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How to Choose a Reputable Jewelry Store

Sooner or later, nearly everyone will need to find a reputable jewelry store. Maybe your mother’s ring needs appraising or you want to set a diamond into a mounting, or you are looking for that special ring for your loved one. Jewelry can be very expensive, and usually comes with a lot of sentiment attached to it. Whether you are looking to buy a special present or just want your own jewelry repaired, it is a quite daunting task to find someone that you are able to trust.

Once you obtained a few recommendations or you are still looking for a couple of names, there are some organizations that are useful. One of the first things to look for is if they are members of the American Gem Society. This is an organization which demands high levels of knowledge and work on strict ethical standards, regarding any and all representation and pricing. Jewelers that are members have to be tested each year to keep their membership. Another similar organization would be the Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee. They are a non-profit association that helps jewelers keep their ethical standards by keeping their members updated on the legal rules within their industry. Their members pay a fee and agree to uphold all ethics through their own businesses. You can contact them to locate a jeweler and to determine if any of them had a complaint filed against them. However, not all jewelers are members of these associations, nor does being a member guarantee excellent customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, these are great places to begin.

Once you have obtained potential names, research them online. Some local jewelery store facilities are not tech savvy; however, make sure any companies on your list have a decent online presence. First, it shows commitment to innovation and how they conduct business in general. Also, if they are updating themselves online, they will be more aware of the competitive prices of jewelry and have a better understanding of what consumers are looking for.

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