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What Exactly Is Custom Jewellery?

Custom jewellery

is usually created for a specific individual, instead of being massed produced for sale. It is normally hand made by a metalsmith or artist that consults with their client several times to make sure their piece meets their client’s expectations. Several jewellers are more than happy to take on commissions for such pieces, and those who don’t generally refer clients to professionals who are able to take on commissions and specialized requests.

Any kind of jewellery can be done by commission; however, the most common kinds of custom jewellery

are for weddings. Engagement and wedding rings can be created for couples to symbolize their love and partnership to one another and to make sure they have jewellery that is completely unique. The use of customized jewellery for weddings allows couples to fully express themselves with the help of unique jewellery, which could include such things as shapes, symbols, and inscriptions that are important to them.

This type of jewellery can also be commissioned for special occasions as a present. A husband may present his wife with a pair of hand made earrings, or a necklace, for instance, or parents may present their child who is graduating with a piece of customized jewellery.

Buying this kind of jewellery can be a lengthy process, this is due to the fact that it requires a relationship to be established between a buyer and jeweller. A buyer can look through a portfolio of numerous jewellers to find a style and look which meets their requirements. When finding a jeweller, the buyer will meet with them to discuss their options, which includes the kind of piece they are looking for, the metal and gems that are going to be used, and the overall look of the piece. The jeweller will make some preliminary sketches, and then refine them into a more formal design which will be later approved by their client.

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