Need Your Jewelry Appraised for Insurance Purposes?

What Exactly Does a Jewelry Appraiser Do?

A jewelry appraiser is a professional that evaluates jewelry to determine how much the item is worth. Doing this kind of job isn’t as easy as it looks, and it is more difficult than looking at a contemporary or antique piece and determining their value. The appraiser must have an educational background and be detail-oriented, focused, patient, and have a passion for jewelry.

Even though these experts will determine the value of a piece of jewelry, they are sometimes called upon to determine this information in the case of a will, for insurance purposes, or simply for the owners’ knowledge. They will stay abreast of all the current information regarding the jewelry industry. They will often start the process of becoming an appraiser due to a love of fine jewelry, so it’s also usual to be aware of every nook and cranny on a piece, what makes one rare, and if it is real or fake.

In addition to education, a jewelry appraiser will attend a technical school or college. There are various kinds of degrees, diplomas, certificates or bachelor’s degrees in gemology. Appraisers could also obtain membership with appraisal organizations, like the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, based within the US, or the International Society of Appraisers. To be able to gain membership, appraisers have to go through an application process and must keep up to date on their skills. They also should have years of retail experience within this industry, often before beginning any advanced education programs.

To become an appraiser, it’s vital that an individual is meticulous, patient, and determined. Sometimes in-depth research is called for, especially with an unfamiliar piece. It’s crucial to provide the right estimate and description on a piece when making an appraisal. Modern pieces are easier to research than the antique ones.

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