How to Buy a Diamond Ring without Breaking the Bank?

A Short Guidebook from an Expert Jewelry Buyer

Diamonds come in a dizzying array of types and sizes. Knowing what you are buying before handing over your cash is of great importance, especially if you are on a tight budget. In order to help you make the right choice, Gary Whalen's Works of Gold as a licensed jewelry buyer, has prepared this post listing some tips to guide you!

Budget factors:

  • It is important that you set your budget before you begin your quest for the perfect diamond ring. Usually, an amount equivalent to two monthly salaries is the common starting point for many couples.

  • Quality. You should look for a diamond with the highest quality possible within your budget.

  • The reputation of the jeweler you choose. Make sure that the jeweler you choose is a reputable seller with a history of satisfied customers.

  • Consider other financial factors like your wedding celebration and honeymoon expenses. You may also have a student loan, a new household credit, or vehicle debt that you need to think about and that disturbs your financial balance.

  • Diamonds with slight inclusions (S11, S12, S13) can save you thousands as opposed to buying flawless diamonds. After all, these flaws are only visible with magnification.

  • You can always consider buying a diamond which is less than 1 carat. Diamonds with less weight (from 0.90 to 0.99) seem to be less expensive. Prices seem to skyrocket on every whole carat, so less brings more savings.

Choice of metals:

  • 18K gold consist of 75% gold and 25% alloy metals. Every fine jewelry buyer knows that this karat weight possesses the ideal balance of metal purity and strength. It exhibits richer, deeper coloring.

  • 14K gold consists of 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy metals. It is priced slightly less than the 18K gold and is suitable for the budget shoppers. White 14K gold offers whiter coloring than the 18K white gold.

  • Platinum. This material quickly gains popularity in the jewelry industry but is definitely the most precious and rare metal, which makes it too expensive for couples on a tight budget!

The diamond setting and shape can also influence the price of an engagement ring significantly. In order to learn how this happens, don’t hesitate to contact the fine jewelry buyer Gary Whalen's Works of Gold of Spring Valley, CA! A single phone call at (619) 697-2397 will answer all of your engagement jewelry questions!

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